Robb Holman is an internationally recognized leadership expert, executive coach, keynote speaker, and author who has a heart for authentic relationships and a true talent for equipping people with the skills and the knowledge necessary for their success.


Lead the Way: Inside Out Leadership™ For Business Owners & Leaders

I’ve been professionally speaking, training, and developing, what I call Inside Out Leadership™ principles since 1997. My passion is helping struggling, business owners and leaders find success, from a direction they never expected, from the inside out.

The Inside Out Leadership™ Process is a proprietary method of helping leaders connect with their unique purpose and is at the core of our consultancy, where we’re revolutionizing the way leaders operate. We coach our clients on how to gain laser-focus, leading to dramatically improved use of time and increased profits in their businesses.

Due to the success of Inside Out Leadership™ over the years, I’m excited to announce that my first book will be released this Fall!


  • Brett Hand, Founder & President of
    Working with Robb is a process where he requires you to look into yourself and find answers that have deep meaning and high value to your business. Acting as an investigator to the spirit of your business, Robb’s exercises clarify concepts that we need to exploit and strengthen.
  • Steve McSherry, President at
    Robb conducted a senior management workshop for my executive team. He was engaging, open and honest. His personable approach put all team members at ease and allowed them to speak openly and honestly. He was thorough in his follow up and exceeded my expectations. I plan to use Robb again in the future and recommend his services to any business leader trying to move his or her group forward.
    Steve McSherry, President at
    Penn Tank Lines, Inc.
  • Lori Flickinger, Founder & Owner of
    I have been to many motivational seminars. Never have I experienced the energy or passion that Robb Holman exudes while speaking his truth! He truly is an inspiration and blessing to all. Thanks Robb I can’t wait to put all of your tools to work. I am truly grateful for the experience.
  • Steve Van Valin, CEO of
    Some speakers are capable of getting themselves revved to deliver with energy and enthusiasm. Then, there’s Robb Holman. He is that way naturally! It’s impossible to hear him speak without having those incredibly valuable self-reflective moments that get right to the heart of what you’d like to change. Robb is the real deal in every way and someone that inspires me to take the next bold step in my own leadership journey. It’s an art form to challenge people from the speaker platform in a way that is encouraging and inspiring without sounding lofty. Robb is masterful at moving people because he IS that person you wish to emulate.
  • David Joslin, Founder & CEO of
    It’s hard to put Robb into one services category because he’s not just a business consultant, career coach, mentor, CEO, etc… he is someone who cares about his clients. He gets fired up about helping people to find their purpose. Never at a loss for words, highly energetic and passionate in conversations, he is truly a great person. I am looking forward to working with him for quite some time.
    David Joslin, Founder & CEO of
    GoldStar Real Estate Services
  • Adrienne MacKenzie, Founder/CEO of
    WOW! That one word describes Robb in a nutshell. You MUST experience his passion, his energy, his drive, his presence! Robb’s experience in business and leadership is unmatched. If you want to ignite a fire in yourself, your team, Robb is the match. His down to earth, heartfelt messages leave you feeling empowered and determined. Robb will assist you in finding purpose–a purpose driven life and help you envision what you REALLY want. I look forward to working with Robb again and again.
    Adrienne MacKenzie, Founder/CEO of
    MacKenzie Motivational Speaking/Team Building
  • Ryan Gerardi, Digital Technology Coach & Trainer, Founder/CEO of
    Being with Robb is incredibly inspiring! He seems to have an inexhaustible passion for you to know and live your life purpose in everything you do. The best part is that he walks the talk and you can count on Robb’s every word. If you want transformation in your life, Robb will squeeze it out of you. If you don’t want transformation, well, you better run.
  • Robin Gazzara-Macri, Singer & Songwriter, Owner of
    Listening to Robb speak literally gives me goosebumps.


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