Robb Holman is an internationally recognized leadership expert, executive coach, keynote speaker, podcast co-host, and best-selling author who has a heart for authentic relationships and a true talent for equipping people with the skills and the knowledge necessary for their success.


Impacted People Are Speaking
  • Cassie Nii, Learning and Development Manager at

    If you’re looking for a speaker who will knock your socks off, then Robb is your guy.

    Cassie Nii, Learning and Development Manager at
    Island Holdings, Inc.
  • Alison Harding at

    Thank you for invigorating us with bounding positivity and energy!

    Alison Harding at
    Sensei Wellness Holdings, Inc.
  • Steve McSherry, President at

    Robb’s passion and Inside Out Leadership philosophy were both palpable.

    Steve McSherry, President at
    Penn Tank Lines, Inc.
  • George Gurgensen, VP of Human Resources

    Robb is a warm and genuine speaker…

    George Gurgensen, VP of Human Resources
  • Megan Gates, Client Events Manager at

    I highly recommend Robb if you are looking for a professional, interactive and engaging thought leader in any space.

    Megan Gates, Client Events Manager at
  • Ryan Gerardi, Founder & President at

    I don't just recommend hiring Robb for your speaking engagements. I strongly encourage it.

    Ryan Gerardi, Founder & President at
  • Peter Hill, Managing Consultant at

    His facilitation was world-class...

    Peter Hill, Managing Consultant at
    P.H.I. Consulting LLC
  • Verna Wong, Owner and Principal Consultant at
    He was authentic, humble, and caring...
    Verna Wong, Owner and Principal Consultant at
    Verna Wong HR Services
  • Theresa Mazarro, President at
    What an amazing NAHCR Conference this year in Philadelphia! And we couldn’t have asked for a better speaker than Robb Holman, inspiring us with his thoughts on Inside-Out Leadership. Thank you for helping us center ourselves and really take the time to re-connect with our purpose!
    Theresa Mazarro, President at
    National Association for Heath Care Recruitment (NAHCR)
  • Mark Whitacre, COO at
    I just arrived home from Baltimore where I had the opportunity to hear Robb Holman speak yesterday. Wow! It was life changing. His passion is remarkable. He had the full attention of every attendee. I am reading his book now, “Lead the Way”, which is also excellent !! I highly recommend Robb Holman as a speaker for your leadership equipping event. Your attendees will be better equipped and will be inspired. And his book is a “must” read. I am so inspired and encouraged by his message.
    Mark Whitacre, COO at
  • Matt Aaron, CEO at
    Robb gave the keynote at the beginning of our 2018 Leadership Conference. His passion, energy, and personal connection with our group of statewide volunteers helped launch a very important weekend on a positive note. He also stayed with us that afternoon and engaged a smaller group of key leaders in a more focused and collaborative session that was very helpful. Thanks, Robb!
    Matt Aaron, CEO at
    Special Olympics Pennsylvania
  • Bob Peppleman, CEO at
    Wow!! The RJP team has been working with Robb for over a year preparing our Vision Statement. This past week Robb lead us as we unwrapped that Vision Statement at the RJP Biennial Summit. The enthusiasm, content, and delivery set the tone for the event! Absolutely powerful! Thanks Robb!
    Bob Peppleman, CEO at
    RJP Consulting Group, LLC.
  • Eric Cushing, Vice President of Marketing and Development at
    Robb kicked off our annual Leadership Conference, where we bring all of our volunteer athletes and leaders together for a weekend of learning, team building and information sharing. His motivational speech was a perfect tone-setter for our conference. He inspired us and moved us and brought a level of energy that carried throughout our time together.
  • Kyonia Hamilton, Business Development Director at
    Excellent speaker, very enthusiastic and motivational. He connects with the audience very well. He keeps the audience engaged throughout his entire presentation. Robb is very thorough, I highly recommend him!
  • Lori Flickinger, Founder & Owner of
    I have been to many motivational seminars. Never have I experienced the energy or passion that Robb Holman exudes while speaking his truth! He truly is an inspiration and blessing to all. Thanks Robb I can’t wait to put all of your tools to work. I am truly grateful for the experience.
  • Steve Van Valin, CEO of
    Some speakers are capable of getting themselves revved to deliver with energy and enthusiasm. Then, there’s Robb Holman. He is that way naturally! It’s impossible to hear him speak without having those incredibly valuable self-reflective moments that get right to the heart of what you’d like to change. Robb is the real deal in every way and someone that inspires me to take the next bold step in my own leadership journey. It’s an art form to challenge people from the speaker platform in a way that is encouraging and inspiring without sounding lofty. Robb is masterful at moving people because he IS that person you wish to emulate.
  • Carla Haydt, Executive Director at
    Robb is a charismatic and dynamic speaker who has the ability to capture an audience from the moment he speaks. You can tell by his presence the passion he has for his business and his leadership. I would highly recommend Robb for any speaking engagements. The take-away knowledge and inspiration for your audience is abundant.”
    Carla Haydt, Executive Director at
    Spring-Ford Chamber of Commerce
  • Adrienne MacKenzie, Founder/CEO of
    WOW! That one word describes Robb in a nutshell. You MUST experience his passion, his energy, his drive, his presence! Robb’s experience in business and leadership is unmatched. If you want to ignite a fire in yourself, your team, Robb is the match. His down to earth, heartfelt messages leave you feeling empowered and determined. Robb will assist you in finding purpose–a purpose driven life and help you envision what you REALLY want. I look forward to working with Robb again and again.
    Adrienne MacKenzie, Founder/CEO of
    MacKenzie Motivational Speaking/Team Building
  • Ryan Gerardi, Digital Technology Coach & Trainer, Founder/CEO of
    Being with Robb is incredibly inspiring! He seems to have an inexhaustible passion for you to know and live your life purpose in everything you do. The best part is that he walks the talk and you can count on Robb’s every word. If you want transformation in your life, Robb will squeeze it out of you. If you don’t want transformation, well, you better run.
  • Robin Gazzara-Macri, Singer & Songwriter, Owner of
    Listening to Robb speak literally gives me goosebumps.


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