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July 5, 2017
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July 5, 2017

FUN: The Lighter Side of Leadership

By Robb Holman

Direction, vision, service, strategy, conflict resolution, tasks, putting out fires, mentorship, strategic alliances, training, partnerships, financial projections, problem-solving, team dynamics, and so much more! This is a day in the life of so many highly influential leaders, and I know what you’re thinking… “Lighten up!”

It all sounds so serious and intense, but does it have to be?

There is a lighter side of leadership that is spelled F-U-N! We have got to give ourselves permission to enjoy the journey, not take things too seriously (especially ourselves), and have some good ‘ol fashion fun!

I’m reminded of a season when I felt guilty doing things inside and outside of the working environment that were fun. In some weird way, I believed that if I had too much fun, it would take away from my focus, goals, and ultimately, my dream. So even if I decided to engage in a fun activity, my mind couldn’t shut off from the work. Is anyone there with me on this one?

In light of this ongoing battle in my mind, I finally got to a point where I said, “Enough is enough. Something has to change!” These were some of the most powerful words I ever

This awareness, coupled with a heart for change, created an avenue to begin intentionally having more fun inside and outside the office – including making leadership fun. As a result, my productivity began to drastically improve, not to mention, the productivity of those on my team. In time, my intentionality turned into a lifestyle. In other words, fun shifted from something I did to who I was.

When we are fun, it helps breathe life into situations and circumstances. We begin viewing
people and things from a totally different lens. In other words, being fun creates a looser environment where people are free to be themselves and offer creative ideas and solutions to
some of the biggest problems.

A few practical questions to consider:

●Do you have an awareness of FUN?

●What intentional things can you do to create more fun inside and outside of work?

●How can fun become more of who you are as opposed to what you do?