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July 5, 2017
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In the Press: Agents of Efficiency Announces Its Merger with Business Vision Network

On July 15, 2016, Agents of Efficiency officially announced its merger with Business Vision Network (BVN) via a webinar shared with key members of the BVN community. BVN Founder Robb Holman will be joining the team at Agents of Efficiency as a co-founder and Chief Company Evangelist. Below is how it was reported in the press.


Agents of Efficiency CEO Justin E. Crawford spoke about the merger as the coming together of passion and process to create a comprehensive suite of services that will allow them to serve their clients in a truly unique way.



“We’ve always excelled at helping small businesses execute on targeted strategic plans to move their companies forward,” Crawford said. “But, prior merging with BVN, we lacked the language and resources to help clients adequately see the forest through the trees… to keep ‘the why behind the why’ in focus at all times. With the addition of everything BVN brings to the table, we now offer a unique blend of leadership coaching, strategic consulting and expert execution that provides a foundation for success found nowhere else. We couldn’t be more excited about what this merger means for our clients, and the future of AoE.”


About Agents of Efficiency:
Small business owners should do what they do best, and let the experts do the rest. When small business owners have time to think like a CEO, great things can happen. Agents of Efficiency partners with small business owners to create a strategy for success, and then executes on that strategy by taking work off their shoulders and managing their operations for them, with them. The result is increased focus, more time, and freedom for small business owners to be their best.


About Business Vision Network:
Business Vision Network is a leadership and business coaching firm founded in 2008 by International Speaker, Leadership Expert and Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur Robb Holman. As of the date of this merger, BVN is now part of Agents of Efficiency – a small-business coaching and consulting firm that is revolutionizing the way small businesses operate, by serving as an outsourced COO and back-office to small businesses across the country.