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July 5, 2017
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July 5, 2017

Transform Your Business by Answering These 4 Questions

During my time as an entrepreneur, coach and consultant, I have seen a great number of successes. I have also seen failures when struggling businesses refuse to transform. The recurring theme in these businesses are environments that are like stagnant ponds rather than flowing rivers.

This is because of the lack of personal purpose at the top, which leads to a business with no purpose.

If we are going to create a powerful and positive difference in this world, it’s going to come through vibrant, healthy, and prosperous businesses. The most powerful way to accomplish this is to identify and develop personal purpose in our lives.

Identifying and developing personal purpose begins by asking these questions:

  • Why do I exist on this earth?
  • What specific problem exists in the world that cause something deep within me to rise up want to help?
  • How can I become a solution to this problem?
  • What is one small step I can take toward becoming a solution this problem?

Each day of life is meant to be enjoyed, celebrated, and filled with a sense of purpose, including your working environments. I always say that you take yourself with you wherever you go. I can’t help but notice that there are many working professionals who are more passionate about weekends and vacations than coming into their workplace every day. Typically, their favorite day of the week is Friday and their least favorite is Monday. Built into this way of life is a separation of one’s personal and professional life. But consider what would happen if you aligned your career with a life of purpose.


By Robb Holman