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December 8, 2017
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December 13, 2017

The Foreword from Robb Holman’s Lead the Way is Unveiled!

Lead the Way: Inside Out Leadership™ Principles for Business Owners & Leaders  (October 2017) Copyrighted Material

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I sat in a comfortable booth at P.F. Chang’s reconnecting with a long-lost former colleague. Catching up was long overdue, and we blurted out war stories and things that had happened since we’d last seen each other. Suddenly, she stopped in the middle of a sentence and became animated. It was as if she just remembered having a winning lottery ticket in her purse.

“I’ve got a guy you have to meet!” she said. “I heard him speak a while ago and he, he, he…”

Her expression changed, she paused, and then a humble look of gratitude spread across her face.

“He said some things I really needed to hear… right when I needed it most.”

Carefully, I probed for more information. She revealed that she’d recently embarked on the long, treacherous journey of cancer treatment. It had been touch and go for a while. Her self-esteem and willingness to fight had been stretched to the breaking point. But now, she was in the clear, out of the darkness, and seeing life with a fresh set of eyes. She credited a guy named Robb with renewing her positive spirit, which made all the difference in her fight. Surely, I had to meet this guy.

Robb Holman and I both speak on business and leadership topics for a living. He’s an extroverted extrovert who loves to extrovert, and I’m an introvert who likes to extrovert (I admit it).

Robb has a gift. You can feel it almost immediately. It’s a rare trait that you encounter in only a few people in your lifetime. In simplistic terms, it’s a positive force field. Once you get sucked in, you don’t want to escape. Robb brings out the best in me when I’m with him, and I’ve watch how his force field can draw an entire room of people. It’s obvious that he thinks uniquely, from the perspective of a kid’s innocent curiosity, wonderment, and joy. He notices things and finds positive, reflective lessons in every encounter. Is it intentional? I wasn’t sure how he managed to be that way consistently. How do you always live life in the moment like that? Then, I read this book, and it became clear. It comes from the Inside Out.

Robb is a leader. Why? Because most people (like me) would follow him anywhere. Isn’t that the working definition of a leader? The forcefield is that compelling. He’s uniquely qualified to teach others about leadership, and uses words, even though they’re not necessary. Simply living the message is his most powerful expression of leadership.

Lead The Way will take you on a journey through the uncharted areas of your heart. I found myself facing the bare naked truth thanks to the potent questions posed in this book – things that I hadn’t thought about in a long time, things that I was too lazy or afraid to ask myself. These questions needed to be asked, reflected upon, and ultimately answered with action. Such questions are catalysts for transformation in our lives.

Robb drives home the point that positive change comes down to accountability. It’s less about what others should do, and all about what you can do to lead a life of purpose. This is the Inside Out Leadership approach – and it’s sustainable because it uncovers the true you at your authentic best.

I wish I had known and incorporated the insights from Lead The Way 25 years ago. If you’re an entrepreneur or new to a leadership role at any level, take advantage of this. Get off to a great start and build the neurological pathways that lead to consistent results. If you’ve been stuck and want a fresh batch of encouragement along with the confidence to lead in a liberated way, this book will be your guide. Each chapter will challenge you to take practical steps to act upon your vision for success. Robb unpacks the most thought-provoking leadership concepts, providing a relevant guide to articulate and incorporate them into your personal repertoire. They include Purpose, Happiness, Joy, Gratitude, Motivation vs Inspiration, Vision, and Values. You’ll come away with a full game plan for living intentionally, and a comprehensive communication plan for your business.

It’s clear that Robb wrote Lead the Way from his heart. And like me, you will feel the positive forcefield in his wisdom and encouragement. This book is an expression of Robb living out his life purpose. He is here to help guide others and lead the way from the inside out. It will make all the difference in your purpose discovery journey.

So what are you waiting for? Dive in!

Steve Van Valin,

CEO Culturology

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