Business Is About Growth In People Not Numbers
May 22, 2018
In the Press: Holman’s Interviewed on #1 Fortune 500 Podcast
May 30, 2018

Robb Holman has been featured in top publications such as Inc, Forbes, and Fast Company.  He has gotten the attention and received endorsements from many of the top leadership experts in the world.  Much of Holman’s success comes from the recent release of his best-selling book, Lead the Way

Recently, he was interviewed by Inc. contributor, award-winning leadership advisor, and best-selling author, Lee Colan. During this featured interview, Robb shares three common leadership blindspots and one way to overcome them.

Here is a brief highlight from the interview:

LC: What is one of the most common leadership blind spots?

RH: The need for self-care.

As teams grow and responsibilities increase, the temptation is to spend more time learning how to effectively lead those in our sphere of influence. But at what cost?  Sadly, many leaders are stretched way too thin, stressed out, running on fumes, and burned out and may not even realize it.  Truth be told, as leaders develop, there  is only more demand on your time, not less. Therefore, the need for self-care is invaluable.  I always say that you can only give what you got.  If leaders want long-term vibrancy and sustainability in what they are building, it begins with them.

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Three Common Leadership Blind Spots and One Way to Overcome Them