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December 16, 2019
Learn to Embrace Silence
February 5, 2020

So often people aspire to a set of core values. In reality, core values are what we already do.

When we begin to identify the values we are already living, we can make a clear distinction between those values and the values we aspire to live.

Years ago, my business hosted a leadership seminar to inspire people in their personal purpose and shared vision. I gave the keynote address, and afterwards, some leaders approached me to tell me how much it impacted them. I must say, I am always humbled and honored by such feedback.

As the crowd dispersed, I was approached by a particular individual who sparked something in me. This guy was upbeat and hungry – a real learner. As we talked, I quietly thought, “Man, this is a guy I would like to get to know!

Can we get together and chat more about life and business?” he asked.

Without hesitation, I responded with an emphatic, “YES!”

Now, as a leader, I don’t readily agree to many things on the spot. For each yes I give, I’m saying no to a hundred other things. But this was different. I felt it, and I knew this had the potential to become a meaningful friendship.

We started meeting up regularly over a cup of coffee, and it became clear that we were developing a deep friendship. It wasn’t because of what he could do for me or what I could do for him. We were simply exchanging life based on mutual respect for one another. This went beyond bonding over some personal interests.

Over time, business opportunities flourished, and the friendship led to deep trust in one another. We teamed up for a podcast before podcasts were even ’mainstream’ and sat on the advisory boards for each other’s companies.

Years later, this bedrock of trust has helped us push each other to stretch beyond our comfort zone. We gave a voice to our knowledge and experience with an entertaining and therapeutic podcast called White Collar Therapy. I would never have guessed how much my sphere of influence would grow as a result of one friendship built on trust and shared values.

Currently, White Collar Therapy (WCT) is expanding into much more…

What is WCT?

White Collar Therapy is a growing network of Career-Minded Professionals, Business Leaders, Owners, and Aspiring Entrepreneurs. It consists of a bi-weekly show, a monthly group coaching webinar, a podcast, and a member group for networking and collaboration, along with other valuable resources.

By signing up, you are taking that first step towards becoming part of a growing and committed community of like-minded people that are committed to YOUR SUCCESS.

How to Watch the Show

The Show is streamed live on the AutoConversion YouTube channel every other Monday.  This is the only way to view the live show. Once the live stream ends, the video is archived automatically.

How to Listen

  • Each show is recorded and released on the White Collar Therapy Podcast. Go to www.whitecollartherapy.com/podcast or search ‘White Collar Therapy‘ in your preferred podcasting app.