Change and Mutual Benefit
February 12, 2020
In the Press: Robb Holman Provides Timely Virtual Keynotes
April 7, 2020

I have never been to a memorial service where people spoke poorly about a person – no matter how many bad things he or she did while living. It made me wonder what would happen if we honored people consistently in the workplace in the same way we would at their memorial services.

Usually, there are beautiful songs, powerful testimonies, and encouraging teachings to honor the life of the deceased person. Why can it be so difficult to focus on these things when people are still alive?

As we look for ways to honor people, it launches them into fulfilling their life purpose. The result is a happier work environment and superior performance. As we honor people, we bring honor to ourselves. Remember the simple saying, “Treat others how you would want to be treated.”

Regardless of poor choices, annoying habits, obnoxious behaviors, and dysfunctional family backgrounds, each person has been created with the DNA of goodness and a unique destiny to fulfill. What a joy it is to pull the best out of people even when they don’t see it in themselves!

To the Degree You Honor Others, You Honor Yourself

Living a life of honor comes most naturally when I really believe that I am uniquely and beautifully created with my own purpose. We tend to project how we view ourselves onto others. So in essence, the more we value and honor ourselves, the more we value and honor others. The mirror of the self and others is how inside outteams work.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “You can only give what you got!” Well, another interesting way to put it is: The amount of honor we give to others is a direct indication of the amount we allow ourselves.

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