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August 29, 2022
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WEST CHESTER, PA – SEPTEMBER 6, 2022:  On Monday, August 15, Global Speaker, 3x Author, and Inside Out Leadership Catalyst, Robb Holman, gave a memorable opening keynote at the Greater Southwest CMAA (Club Management Association of America) Summit.

In a recent Forbes article based on leadership burnout, Kara Dennison said, “Deloitte survey revealed that almost 70% of executives are considering leaving their jobs for workplaces that care more for their well-being. According to the same study, 57% of employees outside of management roles want to quit for similar reasons.”

His talked entitled, ‘The Power from Within’, focused on leading the way from burnout and emptiness to fulfillment and success, exploring how an individual’s innate purpose is worth so much more than the money they earn or the business results they achieve.

Due to the timing, receptivity, and power behind his message, Holman’s talk was transformational for the leaders who gathered from New Mexico, Nevada, and Arizona.

Here’s what some leaders had to say:

“Robb is raw, authentic, engaging and full of energy and educational tools to better your life personally and professionally! I highly encourage all to attend a session with Robb! You will not regret it! It might even change your perspective or even better your life.”—Alicia Wagner, Admin Business Manager at Desert Mountain Club

“Robb just spoke at our Summit and cannot wait to have him back.  In a world where stress is on the rise we need to have leaders with that heart and power to show and resonate with the audience.. to be able to touch something inside people that will help lead a better way. That’s Robb.  THANK YOU!”—Gaby Speh, Managing Director at Greater Southwest CMAA

“I had the pleasure of attending a session this week where Robb was the keynote speaker. He opened up the meeting and from the first moment he captivated the entire audience. Through sharing personal experiences and connection, he was able to inspire each of us to find our purpose and be more engaging as leaders. I didn’t want our time with him to end – he is such a vibrant speaker and genuine human that two hours just wasn’t enough time! I look forward to reading his books and diving further into his insights on purpose and leadership from the inside out. Thank you Robb for being such an inspiration and thought leader in our industry!”Christie Martinez, Training & Development Manager

“Had the wonderful opportunity to not only see Robb’s presentation but talk one on one as well. He is explosive, honest, sensitive and a force to be followed! Look forward to his books and seeing him at many other events in the future! Thanks for the kind words, inspiration and insight!”—Michael Funaro, Financial Expert

Robb Holman is a global keynote speaker and author of three leadership books:Lead the Way,” “All In,” and his newest release, “Move the Needle.” His Inside Out Leadership philosophy, which guides leaders in reflecting on what matters most so they can achieve outstanding results, has been featured in publications such as Inc, Forbes, and Fast Company. To book Holman for a live or virtual keynote, contact Kristin Haggar-Cozad at: 605-310-5594 or [email protected]