Season 4 Teaser: Receive Greatly to Give Selflessly
January 30, 2024
Lessons From Abdul Book Release & Podcast Interview
April 1, 2024

During a flood, a man prayed to God for help. 

When a neighbor in a canoe, a rescue team in a boat, and a helicopter arrived to save him, he refused, expecting God to intervene directly. 

Tragically, he drowned. In heaven, he asked God why he wasn’t saved. God replied, “I sent you help through your neighbor, the rescue team, and the helicopter. 

What more did you expect?” 

Whether you are a person of faith or not, this familiar story encompasses various lessons. But one of its key messages revolves around the importance of being receptive to receiving from anyone at any time. By embracing a posture of openness and a willingness to learn rather than focusing solely on what we can give, we create opportunities for greater success for ourselves and others. 

Think about it this way. If everyone only gave and no one received, how would that work? 

Leaders and others often find it hard to accept help, compliments, and different viewpoints. In Lessons from Abdul, I talk about seven main reasons leaders struggle with receiving and share ten important lessons I learned from my unlikely mentor. These can help you overcome your challenges. 

When you learn to receive well, you become a better giver, too, making a positive impact on others. 

My personal journey of learning from this unconventional mentor not only highlights the potential of gaining wisdom from anyone but also demonstrates that by embracing new perspectives, you can unlock profound personal growth! 

By exploring this shared experience, I want to show how important it is to have an open mindset and a tender heart. That will help us discover more about ourselves, find our purpose, and truly inspire others. 

(The introduction from my upcoming book, “Lessons from Abdul: The Hidden Power of Receiving from Anyone, Anytime”)


Welcome to Season 4 of Inside Out Leadership!

It is better to give than to receive.

We have all grown accustomed to this ancient nugget of wisdom. However, if everyone were focused solely on giving, would there be anyone left to receive?

There are numerous reasons why leaders (and individuals in general) often struggle when it comes to receiving help, words of praise, and unique perspectives.

In my highly anticipated upcoming book, “Lessons from Abdul:  The Hidden Power of Receiving from Anyone, Anytime” I delve into the seven key factors that frequently hinder leaders from embracing receptivity and provide the ten transformative insights I gained from my unconventional mentor, ABDUL.

These valuable and timely lessons will help you to overcome these barriers and become a more genuine and open receiver, an as a result, help you cultivate the capacity to be a purposeful and selfless giver.

During Season 4, Episode 1, I introduced a segment from my latest book. This introduction lays the groundwork for embracing receiving from anyone, anytime, which in turn leads to profound self-discovery, purpose, and the capacity to inspire others.

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