Breaking Barriers: The Hidden Power of Receiving 
April 29, 2024
 How Embracing Your Unique Identity Fosters a Culture of Connection
June 28, 2024

“Dad, I’m happy for the opportunity to play a grade above my actual grade!” That was my daughter’s heart-felt response midway through the traveling basketball season after experiencing a shift from being a starter with significant playing time (playing at grade level) to being on the bench with limited minutes in the game (a grade above). 

As a father and former professional basketball player, my heart sank. And after that specific game, it sank even farther. I felt frustration and discouragement, not for myself but for my 11-year-old daughter. As we headed to the car to grab a snack, I shared my heart with her, hoping to understand. I asked her how she felt, and to my surprise, she responded, “I’m a bit frustrated, but I’m really thankful for the chance to play in a higher grade.” 

It was in that instant that I marveled at my daughter’s insight. How could someone so young with limited life experiences respond with such a positive mindset? She had discovered that true success doesn’t rely solely on external factors but rather is an inside job. It necessitates an internal perspective that guides our ability to receive. 

After that conversation, I witnessed a remarkable transformation in my daughter’s approach to the game. Her risk-taking mirrored my own experience of joining Abdul’s team. Just as she chose to stay committed and maintain an inner perspective of gratitude, I, too, faced similar challenges when I made the decision to play on Abdul’s team despite my initial uncertainties. 

We both discovered that true success lies not only in the external outcomes but also in the unwavering belief in ourselves and perhaps something or someone greater than us. It takes courage to navigate through difficult situations, to stay committed to a path despite setbacks, and to maintain an inner perspective that transcends external circumstances. 

As the basketball season progressed, my daughter’s renewed mindset and unwavering dedication began to pay off. Her game improved, and her contributions became instrumental in her team’s success. And my courage to step onto Abdul’s team eventually led to my personal growth and triumph on the court. 

Lesson #1 

Discover the Power Within through Self-Awareness 

To authentically receive from others and position ourselves as genuine receivers, we must acknowledge the innate power within us that paves the way for lasting success. It begins by nurturing our deepest selves through healthy self-awareness, gaining a higher perspective, and cultivating unwavering confidence. 


Describe what skills you use to spot opportunities in tough situations. 

Welcome to Season 4 of Inside Out Leadership!

It is better to give than to receive.

We have all grown accustomed to this ancient nugget of wisdom. However, if everyone were focused solely on giving, would there be anyone left to receive?

There are numerous reasons why leaders (and individuals in general) often struggle when it comes to receiving help, words of praise, and unique perspectives.

In my highly anticipated new book, “Lessons from Abdul:  The Hidden Power of Receiving from Anyone, Anytime” I delve into the seven key factors that frequently hinder leaders from embracing receptivity and provide the ten transformative insights I gained from my unconventional mentor, ABDUL.

These valuable and timely lessons will help you to overcome these barriers and become a more genuine and open receiver, an as a result, help you cultivate the capacity to be a purposeful and selfless giver.

During Season 4, Episode 4, I share how true and lasting success always originates from within. When we master the art of attaining and sustaining a higher perspective, it becomes the fertile ground from which we can genuinely receive from others.

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Robb’s new book, “Lessons from Abdul:  The Hidden Power of Receiving from Anyone, Anytime”

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