How a Higher Perspective Facilitates Receiving 
May 30, 2024

During one of my first practices with Coach Abdul, his intensity was startling. His booming commands and unique basketball language were new and intimidating to me. He gave out nicknames to players, making me feel like an outsider. Despite feeling overwhelmed and scared, I kept returning, eager to learn from this unorthodox coach who shared my passion for the game.

Lesson #2: Embrace Your Inner North Star and Foster a Culture of Connection


My initial encounters with Abdul were nerve-wracking, but I found the courage to move forward by embracing my inner north star. This means understanding your unique identity to live a purposeful life and being open to learning from those who are different. This concept is central to my book, Lead the Way, where I guide leaders to discover their personal purpose.

To understand why you exist, start with the Who:

  1. Core Values: Your deep convictions guiding daily decisions.
  2. Top Strengths: Your natural talents with great potential.
  3. Greatest Passions: Activities that excite and energize you.
  4. Impactful Life Milestones: Experiences that have shaped you.
  5. Primary Gift: The unique legacy you leave behind.

Once you affirm your unique identity, move on to the What. Find a problem on Earth that you feel compelled to solve—something that makes you think, “Not on my watch!”

Finally, embrace the Why. When you understand who you are and find a problem that inspires you, it’s time to be the solution. This is your why—a rising passion and compelling drive to keep going.

Many of us live our purpose without realizing it. Discovering your purpose isn’t about striving; it’s about connecting the dots in your life journey and identifying, affirming, and acting upon specific puzzle pieces.

Reflection: Understanding Why You Exist

To understand why you exist, start with the Who:

Core Values: Reflect on your deep convictions that guide your daily decisions. What principles do you hold close that shape your actions and choices?

Top Strengths: Consider your natural talents with great potential. What are you inherently good at, and how can you further develop these strengths?

Greatest Passions: Identify the activities that excite and energize you. What pursuits make you feel most alive and fulfilled?

Impactful Life Milestones: Contemplate the experiences that have shaped you. What significant events in your life have contributed to who you are today?

Primary Gift: Think about the unique legacy you leave behind. What is the special contribution you offer to the world that reflects your true self?

By understanding these aspects of yourself, you can live a purposeful and meaningful life, grounded in your true identity.

Welcome to Season 4 of Inside Out Leadership!

It is better to give than to receive.

We have all grown accustomed to this ancient nugget of wisdom. However, if everyone were focused solely on giving, would there be anyone left to receive?

There are numerous reasons why leaders (and individuals in general) often struggle when it comes to receiving help, words of praise, and unique perspectives.

In my highly anticipated new book, “Lessons from Abdul:  The Hidden Power of Receiving from Anyone, Anytime” I delve into the seven key factors that frequently hinder leaders from embracing receptivity and provide the ten transformative insights I gained from my unconventional mentor, ABDUL.

These valuable and timely lessons will help you to overcome these barriers and become a more genuine and open receiver, an as a result, help you cultivate the capacity to be a purposeful and selfless giver.

During Season 4, Episode 5, I share how finding the courage to embrace your inner north star and understanding your unique identity allows you to live a purposeful life and learn from those who are different.

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Robb’s new book, “Lessons from Abdul:  The Hidden Power of Receiving from Anyone, Anytime”

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