"Robb has knowledge tips, techniques and ideas - along with so much excitement and passion to share them with you - this is a MUST course for anyone serious about this skill and monetizing your message!!!!!--Harriet Bratt
“GPS Bootcamp is Outstanding! What I have gained from it far outweighs what I expected to receive. Thank you Robb for all of your insights and training."—Mike Phillips
“THANK YOU for seriously overdelivering in where my Dream Team colleagues and I are learning the subtleties of paid speaking to large audiences, to share our passionate core messages to serve and improve the world!”—Lance Knaub
“I was blown away by the GPS bootcamp! Robbs energy and compassion will fill you up and the knowledge he shared left me with a notebook filled with actionable steps I can take to start getting paid to share my heart and story. Thanks Robb!”—Robert Campbell

Who's this program for?

Are you a public speaker giving away too much free speaking? Are you already a professional speaker but being underpaid and want to be paid what you are worth? Maybe you are a part-time professional speaker who wants to move into speaking as a full-time gig? Or, maybe you are a coach or consultant who was getting paid for on-site training and workshops and want to work towards more virtual and live keynote speaking gigs?

What's the Program Overview?

Every month, we host a 2-hour interactive virtual workshop where we cover (in depth) one of the following six areas, to help you become a top-dollar paid speaker: 1.) Get Paid to Speak, 2.) Your Media & PR Strategy, 3.) Write a Best-Selling Book, 4.) Become a Best-Selling Author, 5.) Get Podcast Appearances & in Major Publications , 6.) Hone Your Presentation Skills

What are some of the Bootcamp benefits?

1.) Learn essential tools and secrets from Robb’s 20-plus-year paid professional speaking career, 2.) Network with other seasoned and aspiring public speakers, 3.) Learn from Robb’s inner speaking circle, 4.) Receive some of Robb’s proven speaking deliverables, and 5.) Access to our exclusive member Slack Community

What’s the Cost?

GET 20% OFF!! The 6-month bootcamp is only $576. You can pay month-to-month ($96/mo) or you save up to 20% when you pay in 3 monthly installments of only $148 each for a total of $444. As an incentive to register, we are including a free copy of Robb Holman’s checklist, 10 Ways to Get Paid Speaking Gigs, when you register with the Bootcamp. There is no cost or obligation to join the GPS Bootcamp in order to receive this free checklist. Simply sign up and it will be included in the email you receive upon registering.